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School Programs

Interested in a class field trip?

At Coastal Outdoor Adventures, we recognize that many youth lack opportunity to experience the coastal environment and we know a personal connection to their surroundings plays a key role in their development and learning. COA activities are designed to introduce and equip participants with a working knowledge of our coastal area through unique outdoor experiences.
COA school programs offer field-based activities that introduce participants to critical coastal habitats. A variety of programs are available and additional activities can be developed as requested. Larger classes can be accommodated by moving smaller teams through multiple program stations. 

Programs are based on St. Simons Island, Georgia.  Some activities may be limited based on season and weather conditions.  To schedule a program for your class, click the Contact tab above.

Watch the food pyramid come to life! Georgia estuaries provide a nursery habitat for an abundance of marine life. Many of the species of coastal fish and invertebrates seen just off our shores and those that support our local seafood industry make their start in our local marshes. This program introduces participants to the plants, animals, and tidally mixed waters of this productive ecosystem. Salt-tolerant plants and the detritus-rich soils will be investigated during a tour of the high marsh zone. Using cast and dip nets, participants will collect fish and invertebrates to observe their unique design and adaptations.

  • 90 minutes. Cost is $200 for up to 20 students, $250 for 21-30.

Thousands flock to our beaches each year with little knowledge of what lives in the dunes, beneath the sand, or just below the surface of the water. This program takes a closer look at our aquatic neighbors and the beach ecosystem. Participants will dig for invertebrates that bury deep into the sand and serve as a primary food source for migrating shorebirds. Students will seine for fishes and invertebrates and will learn how to identify the animals they collect by their shape, fins, coloration, and structure. 

  • 90 minutes. Cost is $200 for up to 20 students, $250 for 21-30.

All aboard our floating classroom! 

  • Option 1: EcoTour. 2 hours.  Cost is $400 for up to 12 passengers and $20 each additional up to 20. Explore the scenic coastal estuaries and waterways around Little St. Simons Island.  Learn about coastal Georgia wildlife, history, and ecology.


  • Option 2:  Fishing Charter.  2 hours.  $500 for up to 12 passengers.  Anglers will cruise the Hampton River and fish for a variety of finfish and coastal shark species.  All bait and tackle are provided. 

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