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Charter Fishing

Specializing in Family and Private Group Trips

Fun for all ages and skill levels!

All fishing trips are private meaning the boat is booked for just your group.

A variety of popular fish inhabit the coastal and nearshore waters of Georgia making for year round angling opportunity.  Depending on time of year and weather conditions, we target a variety of species including Sharks, Whiting, Speckled Seatrout, Redfish, Black Drum and other common fish native to our coastal waters.  For families with young anglers, the 2 hour trip is a very popular choice and we specialize in a fun, safe and action packed adventure that is a blast for all ages.  Our 3 and 4 hour packages are a blast for all ages and allow anglers the opportunity to fish for these species in the beautiful marshes, estuaries and nearshore waters around St. Simons, Little Saint Simons and Sea Islands.  All of the bait, tackle and licenses are provided and you are welcome to bring any of your favorite drinks and snacks along on the trip.

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